Clean Power Survey: It’s Easier Than You Think

Clean Power Survey

National studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of consumers (80%) indicated that they care about the use of clean, renewable power, but only a small percentage (14%) know how to get it.

Further, only about half of those (7%) buy at least some of the power for their home from a renewable source.  The study concludes, “Simply providing consumers with greater awareness of their purchase options may be the most important factor in growing the renewable energy market.”

So, Relay Power has developed a Clean Power Survey, which helps educate consumers on how they can support and benefit from the development and deployment of clean electricity generation.  This survey covers a series of questions which result in a specific recommendation for which the consumer qualifies and which best matches the consumers’ preferences and circumstances.  In order to maximize the benefits to the consumer and to the mission of Relay Power, the survey is given without cost or obligation.  It can be done at the consumer’s convenience.

While the majority of consumers’ decision to get clean power is determined mainly by price (69%), nearly a third of consumers are even willing to pay a premium to support clean power.  For those who qualify, there are a number of options that can save considerable amounts of money and get the consumer clean power often without any upfront investment.  For others, they can get clean power without incurring any cost above their existing electric bill.  Of course, for those that are willing to pay a premium, options also exist to get all of their power from clean sources.


Concern for the environment is not surprising given daily news about climate change as well as concerns about the contamination and pollution from the extraction, refinement and generation associated with conventional forms of energy. As a study notes, Consumers continue to believe that the most important benefit of renewable energy is that it is better for the environment than regular power, although some consumers believe that the most important benefits are domestic sourcing and to a lesser extent human health or economic benefits.”  So whether the motivation is to protect the environment, promote local/domestic jobs and sustainable economic development or to protect the health of ourselves and our children, clean power can help meet these goals.

So whatever your preferences, clean power options exist and are easy to understand and choose. With the Clean Power Survey, you can find out what available and best suited to you without any cost or obligation.