We partner with organizations, municipalities, home solar and other companies to facilitate clean power.

Our partners are committed to increasing the use of clean, local, renewable power.  By working together, we can help get the word out to more people and help them save money and make a difference. We help amplify the organizations’ missions, as well as drive and fund your initiatives. Home solar companies work with us to increase their offerings to include customers who can’t put solar at their home.  The result — more sustainable members, community and planet.

Here’s what our partners have to say:

Mike Mattson

Mike Mattson

VP of Marketing / Aubuchon Hardware

“This is a great partnership. I particularly love how, through Relay Power, we now have the ability to provide our customers with a great electricity option that provides both value to their wallets and to the environment.”

Cheryl S.

Cheryl S.

Sustainable Sharon

“Sustainable Sharon Coalition has been very pleased with our partnership with Relay Power. Not only has Relay Power raised nearly $3,000 for Sustainable Sharon, but they help our members access clean energy and protect our planet. In particular, Relay Power helps us find ways to save money and easily access renewable energy.”

Kristine H.

Kristine H.

Mission Advancement Director / Berkshire Family YMCA

“The first digital campaign we ran with Relay Power resulted in 35 members taking action to reduce their carbon footprint and maximize their savings. This, in turn, raised thousands of dollars for the Y. We want to build on that, and are excited to be reaching out to both of our locations with this opportunity in 2018.”



Land Preservation Society of Norton

“We’ve been very pleased since partnering with Relay Power, which is consistent with our mission: the conservation of natural resources. It’s a great benefit to be able to connect our members to the best clean energy solution for them, and receiving a donation when someone takes action truly makes this a win-win. We look forward to launching our second campaign with Relay and helping to spread the word to our neighbors in Norton.”

Our partners include:

Breakwater Learning
Maine Solar Solutions
Sierra Club, Massachusetts
Bicycle Coalition of Maine
The Way Life Should Be
Revise Energy
Essex County Greenbelt
Somali Bantu Community Association
Aubuchon Hardware
Bright World Solar
PV Squared
Greater Lowell Family YMCA
Resonant Energy
Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce
Community YMCA of Greenfield
Cell Signaling Technology
Sustainable Sharon Coalition
Greening Greenfield
Dartmouth's Democrats
Berkshire Family YMCA
No Sharon Gas Pipeline
Land Preservation Society of Norton
Town of Northbridge
The Highlands Coalition

Here is what our Partner Campaigns have already produced:

Hundreds of customers facilitating clean power

On the path to save over $1,000,000 for customers through our programs

Offset 4 million pounds of carbon which is equivalent to taking almost 1,000 cars off the road permanently or preserving more than 1,700 acres of forest

Donated over $35,000 to our partners

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