Is Community Solar for You?

Installing a solar power system at your home is no longer the only option to “go solar.” With community, or shared, solar, you can get an easy, no-installation-required option. You won’t have to worry about maintenance.  We’ll make sure your solar farm is producing as much as possible. Plus, you can “go solar,” even if:
  • Your home’s rooftop faces the wrong way or has too much shade
  • You’re in a condo and don’t necessarily own the roof
  • You’re concerned about how solar panels would look on your roof



What You Should Know About Community Solar

Community Solar is a maintenance-free, managed service, with a remotely-located solar array, sometimes referred to as a solar garden.

How it Works: With community solar, you’ll get credit on your electric bill for energy produced on a remote solar garden located in your region. Since the credits are purchased at a special discounted rate, you’ll automatically save on your utility bills. And don’t worry about any repairs or maintenance; the developer takes care of that. We’re taking reservations now with no upfront investment. Demand is rising, and with more developers building solar gardens, our capacity is starting to open up.

Find out if you qualify

Community Solar is available to qualified National Grid or Eversource Massachusetts electric ratepayers. Click on the “Get Started” button below and enter your zip code to see if you qualify.

Community Solar and the Relay Power Difference 

We are dedicated to encouraging the use of renewable energy to make it easier for people to live more sustainably. We specialize in community solar in Massachusetts and are expanding our efforts to include other states and other clean distributed forms of electric generation.

More to Learn about Community Solar

Deciding to “go solar” with community solar will make a big difference, for you as well as your community. There’s a reason it’s growing in popularity – it’s an easy way to lower your utility bills and our carbon footprint. Here are a few other resources:

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